8 Winning Dating Tips for Shy Guys Who Want to Approach a Woman

Meeting women is a great challenge especially if you are extremely shy. Unfortunately, a lot of shy guys out there have good qualities that women are looking for. However, being shy can prevent you from meeting the right woman because it is impossible to meet women when you can’t get the courage to talk to them. A lot of shy men find themselves in an uncomfortable and awkward position whenever they see a very attractive woman, feel the urge to go to her but cannot muster up the courage to do it. Unfortunately, shyness can ruin a man’s dating chances since you get to miss out on the golden opportunities because of hesitation. Men with this problem often fail to find the right opening words to start a conversation or fear looking stupid in front of a woman.

When you become shy and afraid to approach a woman, every grand opportunity that comes before you ends abruptly which causes great sadness. It’s frustrating when you can’t be able to converse with attractive women. However, this is something natural that can happen to any man. However, the good news is with these 8 great tips, you’ll be able to conquer fear, become empowered and interact with different types of women.

8 Practical Dating Tips for Shy Guys

1. Start Slow

It’s important to understand that you cannot gain confidence in a single night. Overcoming shyness is a gradual process that men have to go through and it begins with simple steps. For instance, train yourself to talk to at least 2-3 strangers whenever you go out. The conversations don’t necessarily need to be geared towards dating. Simple, friendly and general conversations will make you start becoming comfortable and get interactions moving.

2. Accept the fear and work on it

Living in denial is the worst mistake you can ever make as a man. Accepting your shyness and preparing for challenges that will come your way is the best way to regain your confidence. Once you accept the fear and think of ways of how to approach women, you will be on the fast track to becoming a better man.

3. Work on improving your body language

It’s easy to know someone who is shy just by looking at their body language. Do you have a habit of staring at the ground, shoving your hands into your pockets or do you slouch when you walk? Developing a confident body language will go a long way towards getting rid of becoming shy. When you endeavor to conduct yourself in a confident way, your brain will produce the required chemicals which will in turn, make your feelings become real.

4. Hang out with outgoing friends

If you’re shy, hanging around friends who’re outgoing can be of great help to you. If you have a problem approaching women because you lack confidence, trusted outgoing friends will certainly help you to loosen up and drop the shy attitude. When in the company of lively and outgoing friends, you will find yourself naturally fitting into the group and developing an outgoing personality.

5. Don’t chicken out

The moment you make the decision to approach a woman and speak to her, preoccupy your mind with thoughts that inspire confidence and remain steadfast no matter how uncomfortable or weird you may be feeling. Don’t run way from an interaction, instead learn how to manage the tension and stay calm. Be prepared for any outcome; it could be positive or negative. Should you decide to go for it, don’t back out midway, stand tall and ensure your mission is completed regardless of how she reacts.

6. Engage in your hobbies/interests

Do you love hiking, camping, concerts or movies? Find people who share the same interests as you such as groups and be part of them. Whenever you’re doing something you love, you’ll be excited and confident. This way, women will really see your true personality since you’re at your best. Women love men who portray a fun character. Participating in activities that make you happy will help to improve your social life.

7. Analyze her signals

Get this, women will never walk up to you and ask you for your phone number; that’s not how things work. However, if you’re keen, you can tell if a woman is interested in talking to you or if her body language says it is ok to approach her. Women don’t do anything they’re not aware of. For instance, you can know if a woman wants to mingle from the place and way she sits in a restaurant, bar or any other social place. If you notice a woman very near you and a few seconds before, they were far away, you need to read the signals. Also, when a woman suddenly fixes her hair or clothes, applies lipstick or glances at herself in the mirror, there’s a high chance she’s willing to be approached.

8. Change your perceptions about rejection

Some men get shy because of rejections they’ve had in the past. However, understand that when a woman rejects you, in most cases, it has nothing to do with you but rather, the approach you used. Many men turned down because of using the wrong approach. The best way to build up confidence is to examine all the negative feedbacks you’ve had in the past, find out why they happened and how to avoid the same mistake next time. With the above great tips, any man will be able to jumpstart their confidence and stop being the shy guy who can’t approach a beautiful woman. If you practice the above tips, you’ll be able to approach any woman without fear.

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